Cool 3 Beat Making Software for PC

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Published: 26th June 2015
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Do you know beat making software? Undoubtedly various people know it but several people may do not know it, donít worry you will know from this post. Inside the music industry beat is essential thing make you fun and feel good in that song. You may have heard House beat, Reggae Beat, Hip Hop beat, Rap Beat or other genre of beat. Whatís nice beat making software for PC? Now I've a small information to share with all friends in this term, if youíre beat making lover (both beginner and super newbie) and need to know Iíll tell you.

Plenty of people well-know FL Studio (Fruityloops), Cubase, Sonar and more beat making software for PC but these softwares are too high grade for common people and many function is too complicate. It is hard to understand and create beat in just ten minutes so Iíll show every friends just middle level of beat making software for PC in the marketplace and I believe this is excellent article for newbie for selecting. If you want to build a beat or the song letís me show you.

The number one beat making software for PC that I'm sure it is Okay is Dr. Drum. This application is made in term simple user interface and nice quality of beat sound. The good point of this program such as 12 Drum pads (Most application has only eight - 10 drum pads), YouTube share button (This help increase convenience so much if you need to share your beat to internet world), sixteen Tracks (General software offer you only eight), if you've your personal sound this application let you import your sound to the program (The program will automatically remake other notes for you.), Adjustable Freq, LFO R and LFO A effect.

BTV Solo Beat Making Software. For me I'm sure this application is too sophisticated and too difficult to learn in minutes. You canít take pencil device draw the bar for generate beat like Dr. Drum and Sonic Producer beat making software (because it doesnít have this module) however some people may love interface of BTV Solo software, itís OK. the nice point of this software is more effect to use and so flexible for making beat, you can adapt curve, add your personal sound, take and insert effect in your beat, MIDI support and more module. For me I provide this software 4 star. If youíre intermediate beat generator and wish complicate beat making application BTV solo with Dr.Drum is good selection for you.

The number three is Sonic Producer. This item is reasonable with starter or who are not earnest with making a beat, this software is OK. You canít draw bar by pencil device but you can click and make each note of beat as you desire on the small quadrate. Nowadays this product arrive Version 2 by new features are Facebook upload module, support both MP3 and WAV file format, you may make beat online. One flaw of this program is you canít import sound you prefer to the program at all.

These are one of many beat making software for PC I'm sure itís inexpensive, easy to use and match for starter. Other software such as FL Studio, Cubase, Sonar etc, I think these program are proper with intermediate to expert beat maker and these product are costly so much but if youíve enough money or you have a little knowledge about music creation you can pick them. These products have more function, tools and much more effect for all music genres. You donít need to have experience in this topic you only like it and make it. At present foremost thing you should do are learn music theory and you will know making a beat is so easy.

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